Individual Interventions

I provide individual therapeutic interventions for emotional and behavioural conditions, principally adapted cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for anxiety, low mood, and emotion regulation difficulties.

I have also had training in schema focused therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and incorporate elements of these approaches in the therapy I provide, particularly when working with clients with long-standing issues and/or emotional dysregulation.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a talking therapy aimed at helping individuals modify their thinking and behaviour patterns, in order to improve emotional functioning. People with ASD often, but not always, need adaptations to be able to access therapy, such as increased use of visual supports and regular breaks. Adaptations need to be tailored to the individual as not everyone will require the same modifications, if any.

Group Interventions

I also run groups with colleagues, including anxiety-focused groups, and social skills. We can run groups in both schools and clinic settings.  We can adapt the content flexibly to the needs of our participants, for example, in social skills groups, we can also provide components on organisation and flexibility skills, and emotion regulation, all of which contribute to more effective social interactions.

Please click here for an example group intervention

Educational support and liaison

For parents navigating the educational system, I can provide support and advice, and school liaison, as well as preparing reports. Please note I am not an educational psychologist, but I have extensive experience in working closely with schools and educational authorities, particularly in cases where emotional well-being is a key factor in deciding educational placement.

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