I provide diagnostic assessments, principally in conjunction with my colleague Marianna Murin https://www.asdirections.com/. We use ‘gold standard’ diagnostic tools; The Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) and Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule (ADOS). We perform complex neurodevelopmental assessments; that is, we will answer complex questions about your child’s neurodevelopmental and mental health profile, and discuss with you the implications of any findings. Where required, we will make recommendations for management strategies across home and school.

We feel very strongly that parents and also young people themselves, when developmentally appropriate, are in fully engaged in this process and have ownership of the findings. All reports are sent to parents/the young person first for approval. We will then only share the report once you are 100% happy with it, and only then with those you ask us to share it with.

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