Terms and Conditions

Consultation, assessments, and intervention

My current terms of engagement are:

My charge for therapy is £160.00 per hour. This includes brief phone calls and liaison. Brief letters will incur a charge pf £50, but fuller reports taking more than half an hour will be charged at the hourly rate.

Home visits will be charged at £200 per hour to include travel time, unless outside of London in which case a fee will be agreed in advance.

In the event of cancellation, I will endeavour to fill the slot at no charge. However if the appointment is cancelled within 48 hours, half the fee will be charged, and within 24 hours, full fee will be charged (unless exceptional circumstances).

For off-site work, such as meetings, I will also charge for any reasonable expenses at cost. Any necessary mileage will be charged at 35p/mile. Copies of receipts will be provided should they be requested.

If you will be paying for treatment yourself, I would be grateful if payment could be made within one month of the invoice date. I would also be grateful of acknowledgement of the invoice when received.

If payment is to be made via your insurance company, you will need to obtain written confirmation of pre-authorisation, including how many sessions are to be funded.

If your insurer does not settle the invoice within one month, I would ask that this is settled by you in the meantime. Any shortfall will be directed to you for payment.

Any invoice not settled within one month of issue will be liable to 10% interest charged unless a payment plan is agreed in case of any difficulty or delay.

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