Initial referral enquiries will be followed up with a phone call. This is to get some more details and assess whether the practicalities of attending are mutually convenient.

Please note that all initial queries may be forwarded to an administrator in the first instance, who will be in touch to acknowledge receipt of the query.

The first session will focus on information gathering and relationship building. You and your child will be asked whether you wish to be seen separately, together or a mixture of both. You will not be asked to separate from your child unless there is mutual desire to do so. Being in an unfamiliar environment, and meeting a new person can be stressful, and efforts will be made to help your child feel as comfortable as possible. At the end of the session, you will have an idea of the initial formulation and treatment plan.

Subsequent sessions will focus on completing a shared understanding of the difficulties, goal-setting and active treatment. For emotional problems, typically I follow a cognitive behavioural model, which involves identifying and modifying unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns. Treatment of behavioural problems will involve identifying any underlying problems (e.g. anxiety) and identifying function of the behaviour (e.g. escape, communication). Psychoeducation around internal symptoms and emotion regulation is a large part of all the therapeutic work I do; that is, recognising, labelling and managing one's own emotions.

We will regularly check in to assess how many more sessions are needed, and whether progress towards goals is being made.



For referral enquiries, please email :

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